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2 years ago

The process of shell mould casting

Shell mold casting was invented by the German J. Cronin in 1943, the first application in 1944 in Germany, the other countries began to use after 1947. A meet heat cured sand coverage in the heating to 180 to 280 DEG C metal template, the hardening for thin shell (shell thickness is generally 6 to 12 mm), and heating solidified shell, to achieve sufficient strength and stiffness.It will be down two pieces of shell with fixture clamping or with resin cement, mould can be formed without sand box.Casting metal templates in the heating temperature of 300 DEG C, the use of sand for resin bonded sand, namely with phenolic resin as a binder resin sand. Also the available method of the core made of shell core, manufacture of shell mold used tilting bucket. Manufacture of shell core blowing method commonly used.

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2 years ago

Available Service

Available Service

1.With our flexible production mode, we are able to supply you with parts in any quantity and can ship via LCL or a FCL shipped by your preferred carrier.
2.Melting grey iron and ductile iron
3.Molding and relevent equipment
4.Core / shell shooting room
5.Finishing room
6.Laboratory testing

1.Customrized packing
2.Surface treatment including painting ,powdercoating ,electroplating and so on
3.Precision machining
4.Ultrosonic testing,x-ray testing

Qualified subcontracted relationships for all of the above services are available as required.

2 years ago

About Ruyicasting

Company Profile

FENGHUA RUYI FOUNDRY CO., LTD. Was established as a traditional foundry with Cupola smelting in 2004. Over 10 years efforts from all RUYI staffs and support from customers lead us into a rapid with steady growth. In 2014, according to the new environmental policy from the government and our management vision, our company’s big improvement has begun.

There are new induction furnaces and several imported automatic machines have been introduced in our new plant. The new induction furnaces hugely solve the environmental restriction and temperature control accuracy. New equipments such as SPECTROMAXX spectrometer helps us improve products quality control and inspection speed. The new flask less molding machine significantly improves our capacity to over 100 moulds per hour or 10,000 tons per year and also high accuracy from its automation system. Moreover, the sand preparation system with Europe technology can provide us high and stable molding sand. To summarize, our new plants and current professional staffs can provide very high quality casting products and services for customers worldwide.

Furthermore, RUYI also owns a machining plant with over 9 NC and CNC machining centers. The one-stop service from molding design and casting production to precision machining is a current practice which brought us a satisfaction and trust so far from our customer worldwide. Most of our products are exported to Canada, USA, Switzerland, Sweden and other European countries.